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Managing the freak outs!!

For several days I had been struggling.  Basically I was losing the war going on in my mind. Plagued by negative thoughts and bombarded by the issues of life I was an emotional wreck.  Emotions all over the map.  Fleeting moments of happiness and long hours of hopelessness.  I felt like what is the point?…

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Loving Yourself

Like many in the Christian community, for me there are those familiar scriptures I believe I understand. They are so straightforward, investigative study seems pointless.  Such was the case with the phrase “Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself”. When I decided to actually study the verse, I discovered many truths hidden in the simplicity of the…

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It’s Only The Beginning

Welcome to “Finding God’s Path”.   This blog was created to be a place where those who are seeking to find God’s path for life can exchange ideas, discuss scripture, share life experiences, and generally help each other not only find God’s path, but more importantly find ways to stay in the center of it.  Now…

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