Notice Me!

God recently whispered to me, Notice Me…
My people often fail to notice Me.

How often have I wished that someone I loved would notice me? I thought…how wild that God would have that same heart….

As I began to think about this I thought about the things I had been thinking about for the past few days…

Basically I was thinking of this issue in my life or that issue but mainly I was simply thinking about all that was wrong and what I needed to do to fix it and or why hadn’t God fixed it or was or wasn’t there something I needed to be doing and so on. I wasn’t complaining exactly more like I was trying to just work some things through…..

Then randomly something popped into my head. The day before I had come home from work and wanted to cut my grass because we were expecting a lot of rain and I thought if I give it a quick cut now, after 5 days of rain it at least would not be taller than me…

I wasn’t looking for the professional Saturday job I usually try to pull off with edging and all, just trying to make sure I could keep my house from looking abandoned.

So there I was outside cutting the grass and as I was about half way through cutting the front yard, my neighbor comes over toting a powered up weed eater and started edging up my yard.

Unexpected Godly Help

This neighbor in the 6 years I have known him has NEVER come over to help with yard work, he has NEVER asked could he help, NEVER volunteered to help do anything for free.

So I finish cutting the front and start on the back and he keeps on edging, he edges up the whole yard, even cuts back a few bushes and just as I finished cutting the back yard he was done edging up the back as well. He walks over to me and says…..just spreading some Christian Love…and walks away.

As I remembered this God said that was Me. I did that because I love you.  I hadn’t prayed for this blessing, I wasn’t hoping someone would come over and edge up the yard I hadn’t really thought about it at all, but God provided it.

Again He said …..notice Me.

I then began to wonder how many other things have happened that I had not even stopped to acknowledge God for doing for me. Because they were not necessarily addressing a “bigger” issue or because they were not answered prayers, maybe I had just had the random, oh that was nice thought but had not stopped to give God a purposed thank you.

Do You See God in Everything?

God told me if My people would simply pay attention they would see I am working on their behalf all the time from the smallest things to the biggest things but my people must be determined to see me, notice me and expect me.

This is all about noticing God…

In better terms we could call this a lesson about developing sensitivity of heart.
Training our hearts how to be sensitive to not only the presence of God but also His works.

And why is this important?

Why did God even bother to bring up the subject to me? Is he just looking for praise or is there a reason that is beneficial to us that God needs us to be able to recognize Him.

Consider this:  Probably the most popular question most Christians have is…..

What is God’s will for my life? Not just in general but even specifically right now today

What am I supposed to do now? If I just knew this was what God wanted me to do, I could hang in there for whatever situation is before me.

What does God’s Compass Indicate?

So basically we are all looking for direction. We all want to be successful and most of us would agree that if we are Which Directiongoing to be successful we are going to need direction. And as Christians it makes sense we would also believe the best source of direction for our lives is God. He knows everything, it’s His plan anyway so the best person to ask when it comes to direction would be God.

But how many times have you heard a Christian say, I’m just not sure if what I’m hearing or seeing is really God.

So being able to notice God or “see” Him not only in the small things by developing the sensitivity of our heart to Him is important because it is from Him we need direction.

Look at Proverbs 3:6

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

This is a very popular verse of scripture and is almost never mentioned without the previous verse.

Trust the Lord with all your heart, all your mind and all your soul and lean not unto your own understanding.

But we are going to talk about verse 6. So let us dissect the verse by taking a look at the Hebrew words included in it.

Proverbs 3:6 –

Ways – OT:1870 – derek (deh’-rek); from OT:1869; a road (as trodden); figuratively, a course of life or mode of action, journey, path, manner, whithersoever, wayside

Acknowledge – OT:3045 yada – to know (properly, to ascertain by seeing); (including observation, care, recognition, be aware, be diligent, consider, be learned, perceive, privy to, regard, have respect, be sure of, understand, have understanding, skillful, familiar friend, discern, declare, feel, kinfolk, certainly

Direct -OT:3474 yashar (yaw-shar’); a primitive root; to be straight or even; figuratively, to be (causatively, to make) right, pleasant, prosperous, fit, seem good, please, upright, esteem

Paths – OT:734 – ‘orach (o’-rakh); from OT:732; a well-trodden road (literally or figuratively); also a caravan, manner, path, race, rank, traveler, troop, highway

It is clear from the definitions we’ve seen that we could summarize this verse by saying

Where ever we may be in whatever situation or with whatever decision or choice before us, be diligent in considering God, noticing Him, showing Him respect by considering His perspective as He is not only Father but friend and as a result of this we can expect Him to make straight or prosperous/successful our path (life/situation/trip/destination)

Clear direction is going to come when in everything we consider/notice God. And we must understand we will get better at this the more we try to do it.

We must understand also there is no situation we can handle without Him. In everything He must be considered. The verse states in ALL thy ways acknowledge Him.
We make thousands if not more decisions each day, have we considered God in most of them? Or in only the “big” things and have we thought we can handle the “small” stuff?

Life Application

I should mention 2 types of scenarios in which we can apply this sensitivity we are developing.

About bad choices

Things we know are bad or are sin to us but we still struggle with them. If we allow ourselves to slow down and consider God, His perspective, wanting to please Him etc… it can provide us the strength we need to resist temptation.

Remember James 4:7 states we must submit to God before resisting the devil. It is impossible to submit (obey) unless we are considering Him.

Sometimes the ability to just slow down and consider God will give the Holy Spirit the time needed to strengthen us to resist the devil against those things we struggle with.

When we act on impulse we can more easily make the wrong decision.

About good choices

But what about those choices where it’s not a matter of is it a sin or not, all options look fine but only one is the best choice.

Consider Mark 1:32-38
In this scenario, Jesus has just healed a bunch of people and then the next day a bunch more people are waiting to be healed as well. Jesus is away praying (considering God) and when the disciples come for Him and tell Him the people are waiting to be healed, He tells them they are leaving. Jesus leaves a multitude of people behind who are asking Him to help them.

Jesus was definitely an expert at considering the Father, recognizing Him.

Jesus told us in John 5:19-20 He knows how to recognize what the Father does and likewise does the same.

So how could Jesus do this? He could do his because He submitted to the will of the Father which was to preach the gospel to the people in the next town. How disappointed the people waiting for Jesus must have been but suppose He had not obeyed and not gone to the next town. What about the gospel those people would not have heard? Which is more important? Since life is about God’s plan He decides the priorities. He knows the beginning from the end and gave Jesus direction and Jesus followed that direction.

At this point in my Christian walk I wonder if I would have been strong enough to follow that same direction. To walk away from people who want my help to go help others. Would I be confident enough to believe it was God I heard tell me to do so? I have come to understand it is when we are faced with choices like this it is the most difficult to discern God and that is why we must practice being sensitive to Him and being aware of His presence and voice.

Our lives are God’s plan, things are done in His timing and we want always to be in the right place at the right time doing the right things as that is where God’s provision will be.

We must always remember to notice God, expect Him, be sensitive to Him so we can find direction for our lives and be the successful, fulfilled Christians He desires us to be.