Many times when we mess up the desire to wallow in our misery, guilt or even our conviction can be overwhelming.  We feel bad, we are ashamed, there’s a giant L on our forehead.  Mistakes are inevitable as the Apostle Paul tells us “when I would do good, evil is always present with me.”  Obviously mistakes are not the plan, even if they are frequent or even the same ones.  God wants us to get back up, dust ourselves off and keep walking in our destiny.

Wallowing wastes our time and prevents us from moving on in our Christian walk.  When we are told to repent we are not given a waiting period, we are told to repent and keep it moving (ok so I paraphrased there..)  But I think you get the point.

So for all of us who mess up, let’s keep our heads up, repent and walk in our destiny.  God forgives us so let’s forgive ourselves and avoid the wallow.